What is human nature? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

Where are we going?

For the very first time in history, the majority of the human race is embedded in economic, social, and political infrastructures that span the globe (a portion of the human race is still without electricity and unconnected to the globalization process but not unaffected by its workings and externalities).

The world has shrunk and the human race finds itself nearly face-to-face in the world of cyberspace. Distances are becoming less relevant in the era of globalization. Our virtual addresses now over-shadow our geographic addresses. Durations have compressed to near simultaneity, multitasking has become the norm, and time itself has become the scarce commodity.

The vast array of economic, social, and political institutions oversee the most complex civilization ever conceived by human beings. The entire system is managed and maintained by billions of people, differentiated into thousands of professional talents and vocational skills, all working in specialized tasks in an interdependent global labyrinth.

Brought together in an ever closer embrace, we are increasingly exposed to each other in ways that are without precedent. While the backlash of globalization-the xenophobia, political populism, and terrorist activity-is widely reported, far less attention has been paid to the growing empathic extension, as hundreds of millions of people come into contact with diverse others. The nearly boundaryless world of the global marketplace has been accompanied by an ever more boundaryless social space. Hundreds of millions of human beings have become part of a global floating diaspora, and the world itself is becoming transformed into a universal public square.


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